Digital Marketing

Neither in digital marketing nor in life should we give excessive power to clicks.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital analytics and advertising together form a powerful, evolving, and self-learning entity.

Certified Digital Agency

We are a Google certified advertising partner, which means we know what to do with your media budget and our systems.

Furthermore, among Finland’s significant advertising agencies, only Orange has an ISO­ 9001 certified production system, which in turn implies that we tend to make fewer mistakes than the average.

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Ad Material Production

Orange produces digital advertising with agility surpassing the average. With us, you get visual identity, graphic design, banner implementation, and the trafficking of these to advertising systems, all under one roof.

Design Services

Google Marketing Platform

We make use of services including those of the world’s most popular digital marketing platform, Google Marketing Platform:

  • Google Display & Video 360
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Looker Studio

Google Marketing and Performance Marketing

Digital marketing should be thought of and planned as a whole, but we can naturally take care of the execution bit by bit.

Social Media Marketing

Ensure brand visibility where your target audience spends their time. Strategic use of social media in marketing yields measurable results.

  • Contents for both organic and paid advertising
  • Advertising planning
  • Advertising optimization
  • Social media reporting
  • Social media audits

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Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising provides visibility on platforms like Google and Bing at the moment when a user is making a purchasing decision.

Search engine is the most common source of traffic before a purchase.

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Programmatic Advertising

When you open a web page and see an ad banner that seems to follow you everywhere, it is most likely bought programmatically.

We create precisely targeted ad impressions right under the noses of your potential customers, wherever they may spend time online.

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Web analytics is the cornerstone of effective online marketing. Analytics not only answers questions such as “how are we doing,” but it is also the primary source of information for digital advertising systems.

If the measurement is not in order, it is quite common for advertising to be incorrectly targeted based on incorrect data, leading to poor results and wasted marketing budget.

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Search Engine Optimization

With search engine optimization, you remove technical visibility barriers from your site, find out what your competitors are doing online, and identify which topics your site desperately needs more content about.

SEO is a long-term investment as part of a company’s digital marketing strategy and offers significant synergies with search engine advertising and website usability.

  • What is the competitive situation online?
  • Which keywords would be good for your company to be visible online?
  • What should you definitely not compete with?

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Native Advertising

A native ad is a natural part of its environment. In native advertising, ads are usually in the form of articles and ad content is among editorial material in digital publications. At its best, an ad article looks just like an article from the digital magazine itself.

Whether it’s about disseminating information or a product launch, we produce content that speaks to your target audience and select suitable media for the purpose, whether it’s advertorials or multi-channel native.

  • Article content production
  • Targeting planning
  • Programmatic or direct purchase of ad spots
  • Direction to an article or directly to the advertiser’s website

Do you need brainstorming or support for your digital marketing?

Orange is a holistic advertising agency that takes a broader view of the whole picture. From us, you get all the advertising agency services effectively under one roof.

Let’s create engaging marketing communication with results.

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